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Busyloo Take 2

Holly D Gray6 Comments
We've been extremely busy lately. All the blended diet and feeding Caleigh by mouth really takes up a lot of time. I'm not complaining though. So far so good. It's working. Just this morning she ate an ounce of green beans and an ounce of sweet potatoes. It isn't always easy peasy, but we're getting there. We've learned that Caleigh doesn't like the taste of peas (takes after her mama) and her belly can't handle carrots. The peas don't flow well through the feeding pump so we will just move on and pick a new veggie. Next up is acorn or butternut squash. It's been harder to get to the store now that we aren't taking Caleigh out in public. So the squash will have to wait until Eric or I can make it alone.

Here's a little video to hold you over. This is about the pace that Caleigh moves lately. Short little crawls, but gets to what she wants.

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