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This weekend I was a bridesmaid at my friend's wedding. It was beautiful, she was beautiful and everything was perfect. It was a long 2 days and Eric took care of Caleigh while I was doing everything wedding related. He did a great job and he is a good daddy for everything he does.
So what's going on with Caleigh? Well, if you look in the picture above you can see just a small portion of teeth that are trying to come in. All I can say is that I really really want teething to be over. Caleigh got her first tooth last year in November and the pain hasn't stopped since. Break the skin and come on in, already!
Butternut Squash was a hit and Caleigh doesn't seem to gag as much with it as she does other foods. Check out the sippy cup....Caleigh's been chewing on the nipple and getting some water out. I hold it up to her mouth and place the nipple on her lips. I'm mainly introducing the idea of drinking to her and we are thrilled that she will let the silicone plastic in her mouth. That's a big step. Caleigh has food all over because I put it all over her hands. She normally isn't that messy. I have an acorn squash in the fridge that's next on the menu. Let's hope it works out!
Here's Caleigh sitting at her Pooh piano. She looks pretty balanced in the picture, but she really isn't. I will say that when she goes to fall to either side, Caleigh will put her arms out to catch herself. She really likes sitting and playing with this thing, but it needs parental supervision at all times! Her grasp is developing too. She reaches with an open hand. Uses both hands to grab and has started helping me turn pages in books using her prehensile grasp. We love what we are seeing and the changes are coming fast lately.
And finally, Here's Caleigh with Team Caleigh's Top Family Team Award for the March for Babies. This year, just like last year, the team was one of the top five family teams. I wasn't able to make the luncheon this year because Caleigh had 3 appointments that day. I'm sad I missed it because it was a lot of fun last year. We'll put this award with all of Caleigh's keepsakes and one day she will understand how many people care for her and all premature babies. Another huge thanks to everyone that participated and donated this year!
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