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Sleep O Sleep

Holly D Gray10 Comments
For the past 6 months Caleigh has been sleeping wonderfully. I've gotten so used to sleeping through the night. Amazing.

Until recently.

The past month have been rough. I know a lot of it is that Caleigh is fed throughout the night by g-button. We buy her Pampers Overnight diapers. They tend to hold more, and we in turn, avoid large leaks. So most of her nightly parties lately have been to change her full wet diaper. At least that's what I've been telling myself.

Caleigh has also been fighting falling asleep which is something she has never done. I've read the 'get your kid to sleep' books. We have our routine down pat. Bath, lotion, diaper, brush teeth, PJs, feeding tube, read 3 books, rock for a few minutes and then lay her down in the crib. We haven't changed anything. Usually she falls asleep fast, but lately it's taking an hour or more for her to fall asleep.

I think a lot of our sleeping and falling asleep issues come from Caleigh being able to move more. Last night alone we changed her position more than 10 times. We start out on her tummy she flips onto her back. Then the next position is on her side holding her teddy bear or sock monkey with a pillow wedged behind her. Somehow she wiggles onto her back. Then we try the other side. She gets on her back. Caleigh apparently can't sleep on her back. We go through these positions all night long. She wiggles all the way to the head of her crib and then starts screaming when her head touches the wood. When she rolls onto her back and is too close to the side of the crib she screams.

So initially, Caleigh wakes up because she is on her back and has a wet diaper. This all starts about 1am. We change the diaper and re-position. She then plays for about 30 minutes while I fall back asleep. Every 30 minutes the rest of the night Eric or I have to go in and re-position. We've tried to let her 'cry' or 'yell' it out. She mostly growls and yells. We've tried bringing her into our bed. She's wide awake at that point and it doesn't help at all. Remember, I've read the books.... We've tried to shoosh shoosh shoosh without actually touching her. Mostly we re-position without a noise, but she is wide awake anyways.

I'm not sure if there is anything else we can do, but wait it out. Nap time is going well because she isn't sleeping at night. Is this a CP thing or a Short Bowel thing or just a regular 2 year old thing?

Photo of Caleigh at the Pumpkin Patch last week. This is her new smile when she gets really excited and squeals. This is about the only picture that came out. All the others showed her leaning down to eat her tutu!
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