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Admitted to the Hospital

Holly D Gray15 Comments
Caleigh has been admitted to the hospital again.

Our saga began on Friday. Eric went on a 3 day hunting trip and Caleigh's G-button broke. I made a few calls and pinned down a new button at our home health company. This meant we were avoiding the emergency room. I picked it up and popped the new button in. I felt victorious.

Caleigh has been flying through the introduction of solids through her button. We have a large list of veggies that she can tolerate and a short list of fruits all of which make her stool loose. Not terrible, just loose. I'm blaming that on the sugar content. So Saturday was the day to start chicken and work on proteins. Apparently chicken is the easiest for babies to digest and it is suggested as a first protein. I bought organic dark meat chicken and boiled the crud out of it. On noon on Saturday I gave Caleigh a few tastes of the chicken puree and then put the rest (an ounce) in her Elecare. I laid Caleigh down for her nap and I proceeded to get ready. We were meeting Jocalyn and Kendall at the park for a little fresh air. When I woke Caleigh up from her nap at 2 she started retching and managed to get up some stomach acid. This is not normal at all and I was immediately concerned. As soon as the retching stopped, the stooling began. It continued in huge amounts for an hour. During that time I played catch up by hooking up a pedialyte bolus and pushing some Imodium. It didn't really help and by the time I decided to throw some stuff in a bag to head to the hospital she was completely pale, passing out in between diapers, cold and blue around the lips. Classic Caleigh dehydration.

I got to the ER about 5pm and they quickly red tagged Caleigh and took us straight back. The doctor ordered electrolyte labs and fluids. Caleigh needed it, but that's where our problems started. One person after another came in trying to get and IV so that we could start fluids. No one could get anything. It took them 4 sticks just to get enough drops for the labs. I was still giving fluids through her g-button and by 9pm she was looking better. Her eyes weren't sunk in and she had some color back. Her diarrhea had also stopped. Her labs weren't bad and didn't warrant an admission. The doctor talked to GI and it was decided that we could go home and continue to rehydrate there. I was happy to be going home, but I knew what Caleigh's body was doing. I knew we weren't done. Unfortunately, I went against my best judgment because I hadn't eaten in 12 hours, needed to pee, Eric was on his way and I had just spent the last hour and a half listening to an autistic boy screaming bloody murder. We headed home, but on the way out Caleigh had another large diaper.

We got home and Eric jumped in helping. We got Caleigh settled in bed and passed out ourselves. Fifteen minutes later we were up again changing her diaper and we proceeded to do so all night long every fifteen to thirty minutes. At about 1am Caleigh's stools started turning red in color. Bloody stools. At 6am I brought Caleigh in bed with us. At 9am we packed some more supplies, and clothes. Then headed back to the ER.

When we got to the ER and Caleigh was red tagged again and taken straight back. The triage nurse got attitude from me when she suggested I make a medicine list. On a side note, I have one it's just out of date and I'm usually great at that stuff, but we haven't had any appointments. Plus we brought the stupid medicine with us. Oh, and does it matter that the computer should have everything that I told the previous triage nurse less than 12 hours ago?? What more do you want lady?

I will spare everyone the gory details, but finally after about 7 tries and 3 hours an anesthesiologist nurse got an IV on Caleigh. It is getting harder and harder every time we need access. Her tiny veins are scarred, scarce and this is one time it's not cute to be a chubby kid. During one attempt of a scalp IV Caleigh bit her tongue so hard it started bleeding everywhere. It freaked Eric and I out and we made them stop trying to get that one. She's been grinding her teeth non-stop since that happened. I'm hoping she doesn't do any permanent damage, but I can already see exactly where her teeth are wearing down. It's terrible.

We made it to the floor about 2pm today. They have stopped all feeds and Pedialyte through her button. We put her button to gravity and it's now draining dark green. Not a good sign but typical of Caleigh's guts when they shut down. We did an x-ray and it showed her typical large dilated loops of bowel filled with gas. Her labs are worse. Her bloody stools have stopped now.

So we wait and see. Wait for Caleigh's intestines to wake back up from the trauma. Wait for her to be fully hydrated. One thing goes wrong and the whole system shuts down. I'm not sure how long we will be here. The last time this happened we were in for a week.

Apparently, chicken is not so easy to digest for Caleigh. I'm pretty sure my daughter is trying to tell me that she wants to be a vegetarian.

Please pray that this is just a chicken thing and nothing surgical. Pray for Caleigh to get restful sleep and for the abdominal pain to stop.

Gavin found his healing tonight. Please keep praying for the Owens Family as well.
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