Made of Gray

Anti-Roll Bar

Holly D Gray3 Comments
Here's one of Caleigh's new 'toys'.....
and by 'toy' I mean another piece of therapy equipment.

After attending the lecture series at The Institutes, it was highly recommended that we make an anti-roll bar for Caleigh. It's been months since I made the decision that I would make/get one. A few weeks ago, after the one trillionth time of putting Caleigh back onto her tummy, I vowed to do something and fast. After searching online for an easy fix I found the TaylorBar. Quickly ordered it and preceded to do the turn Caleigh over game until it arrived in the mail. Yes, I could have made one, but really I could have made one about 6 months ago too. It didn't happen. The TaylorBar is well made and a lot of thought was put into it. Caleigh enjoys it. She can now reach for toys while leaning on one elbow without rolling over. Even when she wants to roll over onto her back the bar stops her. Which is most of the time. She's moving a tiny bit more on her belly, but I suspect this will get better the longer she wears it. The only thing that is a problem is that the material used is fleece. Caleigh is such a hot head that we really have to keep the room cool when she is using it. Other than that, I think we have a winner.
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