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Chicken Bad Fluid Good

Holly D Gray7 Comments
We are still here. Hunkered down for a few days until Caleigh's intestines fully wake back up. By the looks of things we should be able to start some sort of small feeds tomorrow.

I didn't get any sleep last night at all. Caleigh was up the majority of the night too. Eric can sleep through anything. Caleigh took 3 small naps today and I took 2. Other than that I have been holding her all day long because she won't let anyone else touch her. She starts crying the moment the nurses walk through the door. Grandparents won't do and Caleigh's very own Daddy won't do either. Just Mom. She had started this stranger danger thing about 3 weeks ago, but I think yesterday's poking and trauma sent her over the edge. Plus when your sick you just want your mama.

I hate the hospital life. Today alone I counted 14 people that came in our room that work for the hospital. Patient advocate, child life, techs, nurses, doctors, etc. It's exhausting having a rotating door. How do they expect someone to heal and rest with all that commotion? Of course, we have had lots of family and friends stop by and we love that. People tend to leave us alone when we have visitors too.

Caleigh is feeling tons better today. Here output from her g-button is slowing down and turning a light yellow instead of the ominous dark green. The bloody stool had stopped last night but this morning it came back. Today she has had 4 stools and all have a dark brown type of blood. Not the bright red we were seeing on Saturday. So it's old blood coming out now which is a good thing. This morning's labs had to be drawn from Caleigh's finger tip. It's not the first time it's happened and probably won't be the last. She actually doesn't seem to mind it too much. The labs came back great. Everything is back to normal. Especially her Bicarb. When we were admitted it was 7, today it was 22...much better. She's hydrated, warm and pink all over. The stool samples for Rotovirus came back negative. We are still waiting on C-Diff and Cultures but I'm pretty sure that's not the case. She has yet to get a fever. It's the chicken.

Everyone keeps commenting on the chicken. What did you feed her? What did you do again? Oh, yeah I heard about the chicken....

I called our GI doc this morning and he came up to see us this afternoon. I still love this man. Such a heart on him. He's not on call this week, but still came by. He pretty much thinks this is just Caleigh being Caleigh. I totally agree.

So we hurry up and wait. At least we have a big room with a view and 2 beds to do that in.

Thanks to everyone for the sweet comments and emails. They help encourage us through the days. What support we have.

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