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Chilly Update

Holly D Gray7 Comments
The fall chill has set in. I miss the warm weather already. I personally don't like anything below 70 degrees, but hopefully the cold won't last long.

Caleigh has been doing well since we got home. We started therapies back up today. It was nice to take a long weekend off. We all needed the rest.

On Friday, Eric and I took Caleigh for a long walk. We were out for awhile and Caleigh did well. Saturday, Caleigh and I went to lunch with Grammie and had a good time. On Sunday, I had a baby shower all afternoon. It was great to get to visit with friends and ooh and ahhh over the mama to be. Sunday night, Eric and I got dressed up and headed to the March of Dimes Signature Chefs event. Mimi and Pop stayed with Caleigh. We had such a good time visiting, eating delicious food and watching all the love for premature babies. Being an adult out of the house was wonderful. It was truly a great time.

This weekend was just what I needed to perk back up.

Caleigh's feeding schedule is getting closer to what we were before, but there is still a long ways to go. Right now we give her a feed at 8am and it runs for 2 hours, a feed at 12pm and it runs for 2 hours, a feed at 4pm and it runs for 2 hours, then we hook her up after her bath for a 6 hour continuous feed. That's a lot of pump time still. We have started adding back in vegetables and fruits. Caleigh has tolerated the food so far.

Eating by mouth is a different story though. I'm pretty sure she has regressed. Caleigh now gags at the first smell of food and starts chewing with a curled lip before I even put the spoon in front of her mouth. I've only been able to feed her by mouth a hand full of times since she got sick. I have to hold her and play music really loud to achieve anything. Don't even think about the high chair. Speech therapy hadn't been going well anyways. Caleigh seems to freeze up and not act like herself as soon as we get there. So I haven't really seen any progress in quite a while. We go tomorrow so we'll see how it goes.

I'll leave you with this little video of Caleigh using my computer. I put it on her stander tray to keep her entertained. She likes to hit all the buttons so I am working on getting a USB switch adapter. So instead of her hitting the keyboard she will hit a button and it will make the activity happen on the computer. They are about a hundred bucks so Santa just might have to bring it this year. Until then I will just have to keep undoing all of her accidental clicks...

I LOVE this website. It has different click levels or you can just watch it do it's thing without having to activate anything. You can pick the speed of the patterns and the color of the pattern and background. Caleigh is using the 1 click version here. She is such a smart cookie! I'm so proud!
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