Made of Gray

Day 3

Holly D Gray1 Comment
Not much to report today. Caleigh has been smiling and is more accepting to other people holding her. She's been talking up a storm and seems to be more like her lovable self.

I made it home this morning for a shower. Man did I need it! I did a load of laundry and then came back up.

We've had a quiet day. The parade of people have slowed down. I met another mom with an adorable little boy on TPN and the whole get up that Caleigh used to sport around. Caleigh has come such a long way in just a year. Something I need to remind myself more often.

About 1pm we started feeds again at 10ml an hour. At 10pm tonight we will go up to 20ml an hour and so on every 8 hours we will go up. Caleigh's bloody stools have stopped. I hope they stay away.

My plan is to talk our way out of here tomorrow. I'm hoping that will work...we'll see.

Until Tomorrow...
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