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New Soil New Beginning

Holly D Gray9 Comments
You know those times in your life when you have sworn off men (or women)? Your just going to go out with your friends...have commitments? Just when your out there minding your own business you meet the one...your soul mate and all is well again.

It happened to me. I was minding my own business. I had sworn off house searching, house buying and house dreaming. Until I woke up one random morning and checked my email. There it was. A house that met every search criteria possible. THE HOUSE.
4 bedroom, 3 bath, 2 car garage, 3 car carport. Great schools for Caleigh, on a cul de sac and in a wonderful neighborhood. Large trees galore. Perfect.

I sat on it for a few days. I showed it to Eric and we talked about it. Then we drove by it. It was still perfect. Then we asked our realtor to show it to us. Perfect. That same day we signed a contract on it. The contract was contingent upon us selling our house. The only owner of the house for 32 years accepted it. So a few days later we put our house up for sale.
3 days went by and no one came to see it. I was getting a little worried. When the contract is contingent on the sale of another home the owner can still take offers. So I felt amazing pressure to sale sale sale! On the 4th day I got a call saying there was a showing scheduled. I ran around and got everything perfect. YEARS of watching HGTV really helped me out with this. I knew all that tv watching would pay off somewhere.

I went to the bank and drove Caleigh around while they were looking. I walked back in the door and our realtor called. They wanted it. The first person to walk in and they wanted it. 4 days. Amazing. The Thanksgiving holidays and negotiations have slowed things a bit, but we received the signed final contract yesterday.

The crazy thing is that they want to close on December 9th. That's 12 days from now. 12 days! I'm not sure we can pull it off. It will be a miracle if we do. One good thing about the rush date is us being in our new home before Christmas.

The house that we are buying needs a new roof and the air/heater system cleaned and serviced. The seller has to get that done before we can close on the house. So getting everything to coincide together is going to be really hard. We may have to live out of the big blue van for a few days!!

So that's our big news. A new house for Caleigh. A large therapy room that I am planning minute by minute in my head. Enough room and space for her to spin her wheels on that powerchair when we finally get it. And maybe, just maybe enough room to have another little Gray baby down the long road. It's going to be wonderful.

Please pray for a smooth simultaneous process. The next two weeks are sure to be full of stress and excitement.
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