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Oh the Tummy

Holly D Gray2 Comments
Caleigh still isn't doing well. Quite frankly we are on the verge of going back to the hospital if she doesn't turn a corner this afternoon.

We all haven't slept in days. Right now Caleigh is napping, and has been, thank the Lord, for the past 3 hours. She has woken up once an hour with a dirty diaper and that has been the pattern for the past 12 hours.

We went and saw our GI doctor yesterday. Caleigh has blood in her stool which isn't shocking. So we upped the dose of xifaxin antibiotic that I had already started giving her on Monday. It's either bacterial overgrowth or a stomach bug gone very bad.

We canceled the H1N1 shot that Caleigh was supposed to get yesterday because of her being sick. I was hesitant to do it and our GI confirmed us waiting.

Yesterday Caleigh was looking better, but today is worse. This morning we stopped feeds and started a drip of pedialyte hoping to stop the diarrhea. We are also giving Imodium regularly. Things have slowed down since last night and she seems to be sleeping comfortably right now.

We had lots of plans for Thanksgiving weekend. Lots of family and friends and we were even supposed to run in the Turkey Trot tomorrow morning. Things aren't looking positive and I'm just praying we get to stay home for Thanksgiving instead of being in the hospital.

There have been a lot of calls wondering about our "Big News." So just in case you were wondering "No, I'm NOT pregnant!" I'll save the surprise a little longer.

Please say a prayer for Caleigh's diarrhea to stop and for her to stay hydrated enough to stay home this weekend.

I'll update more later.
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