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The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Part 2

Holly D Gray2 Comments
Some Pumpkin for my Pumpkin. I started thinking about Fall and all the yummy things that we could start trying with Caleigh now that she is taking some foods by mouth. I immediately went to my all time fave which is Pumpkin Pie. I mean come on.....who doesn't eat one to many slices during the holidays? Not me! mmmmm......

So I set out trying to figure a way to make Pumpkin minus the pie part. I went to the store and bought an organic pie Pumpkin. They are much smaller than the regular old carving pumpkins and they look pretty cute too. Did you know that a Pumpkin is actually a fruit? I learn something new everyday being a mom..geez.

Ok, here's how I made blended Pumpkin for my little Pumpkin and her feeding tube.....

First, I sliced open the Pumpkin. Not difficult, but make sure to use a sharp knife.

Scrape out all the yummy seeds and set them to the side. I'll show you how to make some delicious Pumpkin seeds in a future post. I know, I know... the suspense will drive you crazy, I'm sure.

Once your done scraping out the inside of the Pumpkin, flip it over, cut side down, in a small glass baking dish. Now add about 2 inches of water to the dish.

Now throw those orange delights in the oven at 400 degrees.

1 hour later...pow! Beautiful, golden, mushy and very hot Pumpkins. Make sure you flip them over so that they can cool a little bit before you touch them. Trust me, I know.

When your ready you can scoop out the Pumpkin and put it in your blender. I didn't add any water to the mix because I wanted the puree to be thick. Caleigh tends to have better luck with thicker blends and her tongue movement is more purposeful as well.

Pour the Pumpkin puree into ice trays and freeze. Each of these trays holds 16 ounces, an ounce a cube slot. Two pie Pumpkins made 4 trays.

There you have it. Pumpkin for my Pumpkin. Sadly my dreams of Pumpkin Pie for Caleigh was short lived. Take away the sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and whip cream topping and all you really have is just another squash. No worries though. She seems to be enjoying the Pumpkin and today I added cinnamon to the mix.

Can you believe I just typed the word Pumpkin {including that one} 22 times?

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