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Sweet Gavin

Holly D Gray5 Comments
My heart is incredibly saddened today. Heartbroken. Can't stop crying. It has come time for Gavin to become an Angel in Heaven. Gavin is already an Angel on earth so the transition will be one of peace and serenity. Angels will wrap themselves around him and carry him Home. He will no longer have tubes, wires, hospital stays or surgeries. He will be at Peace.

Gavin and his family have touched our lives in so many ways. I feel today as if I am losing a relative, a friend, a child. A child that I love with all my heart. It seems a little crazy to use the word love because I have never met him, but I do. I have been following Gavin's journey since I was pregnant with Caleigh. His was one of the first blogs of sick children similar to Caleigh that really helped me along the way.

Today his family needs prayers. Prayers for a peaceful passing and prayers for peaceful healing. Prayers for Karen, Adam and Madison.

*I am coordinating a large condolence package to be sent to their family. There are already more than 10 families involved so far. If you are interested in contributing please email me at
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