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The Weekend Stuff

Holly D Gray3 Comments
Nothing much happened this weekend. We didn't take Caleigh trick or treating and we didn't hand out candy. It was a regular night at the Gray household. We kept the porch light out until we were ready to go to bed around 10ish and then turned it on. By 11pm the door bell had rang at least 3 times. Probably kids to old to be trick or treating anyways. Hibernation sucks.

The time change has gone well, but it's only the first day and we didn't have appointments or anywhere to go. We also adjusted Caleigh's eating schedule to mimic real meal times and snacks in between. No more all night meals. We figured why not? The time is changing why not mix things up? So we will see how things go this week and we are going to be watching for any dumping in the process.

Last Monday we had a dentist appointment for Caleigh. I thought it was going to be her first cleaning so that's why I didn't cancel it. When we showed up he only did an exam and we started talking about how slow Caleigh's teeth are coming in. She has all four molars, the two top and two bottom teeth and just recently she got a 2 year molar. Her incisors and laterals are having a hard time coming in. The top ones look like they are about to pop through but they have looked that way for months now. The bottom ones are just gummy gums. So the plan is to wait another 3 months and then go back for a cleaning and see where they are at then. If they haven't come through the dentist will probably have to cut them in. Apparently there is a certain window of time for tooth eruption and Caleigh's time has almost past. Who knew? I just assumed teeth come in when they are ready too.

Today, November 1st, is the 2 year anniversary of Caleigh's original due date. It's a date that will be stuck in my head forever. When your pregnant and the doctor tells you that magical date you hang onto it and you look forward to it. I'll always remember November 1st and wonder what would have happened if I had made it to that day.
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