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2010 To Do List

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In the year 2010 I have a list of "to dos" which you could call Resolutions. Some involve me, but most involve Caleigh. Here's a small run down:

1. Get out of the house more. Experience new places. Socialize.
This goes with the fact that Caleigh isn't loving any new person she meets. Actually she isn't very happy with people she already knows either. Terrible Twos? Maybe I'm not socializing her enough? Maybe her social circle should involve more than therapists and doctors? I'm not that social anymore either. I used to be able to go go go and talk talk talk, but I have turned into a hermit. I admit it.

2. Educate those around us about Caleigh, her conditions, and all her strength.
This is simple. Instead of shaking my head, smiling and nodding every time someone says Caleigh is sleeping or makes a comment about her that isn't true; I just need to put it out there. Caleigh has cerebral palsy and Short Bowel Syndrome. I need to offer up information and look at our meetings as an educational experience. The ringer here is to stay pleasant, patient and nice while doing the educating.

3. Take Caleigh to the Zoo. Teach my daughter that Monkeys are real. They don't only come in Sock form.
4. Take Caleigh to the Aquarium. Nemo isn't the only fish in the sea and Rainbow Fish can't really give away his shinning scales.

5. Sign Caleigh up for Music Therapy. She loves music so much and definitely needs more culture in this category. The Black Eyed Peas are not considered culture in my book. Beethoven in person and on a piano would be lovely. I tried a traditional music class in '09 and didn't feel like it 'fit.' So hopefully I can find something that will work.

6. Take Caleigh to outdoor summer musicals. Eric and I used to attend several of these on the beach when we lived in Florida. They are a wonderful chance for family time outdoors and are generally free. Our town recently opened a pavilion downtown and that brings opportunity.

7. Take Caleigh to the beach.....a real beach.

8. Get rid of the "Old Lady" smell that seems to still be permeating our new house. Any non-chemical advice on this one would be greatly appreciated.

9. Paint all the rooms in our new house with No VOC paint. Gotta think about Caleigh's little lungs.

10. Plant new trees and shrubs. Make a new garden area with a smaller (then previous) compost pile.

11. Have at least one dinner party. Martha Stewart style. I've never had an official dinner party and it sounds like a lot of fun. Themes. Decorations. Now that we have the room, why not?

12. Make the decision if we should send Caleigh to school (PPCD) in August when she turns 3. I'm dreading this one. It makes my heart hurt just thinking about it. {Reference #1....Reference #1}

13. Look into 'help' with Caleigh. That might include a nurse or just a babysitter that is able to handle her needs. Lord knows that Eric and I need a guilt free long night out every now and then.

14. Get to work on our Will and a Special Needs Trust for Caleigh. Important stuff that we don't need to be putting off.

15. Pay off those stupid college loans. Almost there, but ugh.

16. Sign up and take Caleigh to the 3 week intensive summer physical therapy sessions in Houston. 5 days a week, 3 hours a day of PT. I think she is ready.

17. Get back into Photography. Make time for it. I've got a college degree (see #15) in Fine Art Photography and I really need to be putting that to use. I've done jobs here and there since Caleigh was born, but I really do want to get back into it. Photographer, Photoshop Artist whatever capacity I would love to regroup. I also need to find a venue to sell my art. Online or brick & mortar, it doesn't matter. It just needs to be done.

18. The ever so popular "loss weight" resolution. I fit into a pair of pre-Caleigh jeans today. I'm not going to lie...they are tight, but it felt good. So I think I'm just going to resolve to eat healthier and be more active. No worries.

19. Enjoy 2010, worry less, stress less, have less guilt and smile more.

20. ~~~~~HAPPY NEW YEAR~~~~~

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