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Apriso {for children}

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Yesterday, I took Caleigh to the GI doctor. She still has blood in her stool. Even after 2 rounds of antibiotics. The cause: Colitis

When we did the endoscope and colonoscopy back in June it showed colitis, or inflamed intestines. Colitis explains the blood in the stool and the bacterial overgrowth that isn't backing down or may not even be there. We may be treating for BO when it's actually just severe colitis.

So the new plan for Caleigh, GI wise, is to stop the Nexium (antacid) by doing a slow wean. Reflux meds are known to cause bacterial overgrowth. Plus Caleigh has been on them since birth and I'm not sure if it is even helping anymore. By doing a slow wean you don't get the surge of stomach acid that happens if you go cold turkey. I'm ok with this. Our insurance was going to stop covering the Nexium in January anyways. I'm not a big fan of antacids. If your interested in a semi-hard to read book about the hate of antacids try reading: Why Stomach Acid is Good for You. It has lots of good ideas and makes tons of sense.

The next step is to start Apriso which is a mesalamine. It is considered a topical for the intestines. It coats and soothes the lining to help heal the inflammation. I attempted a google search for use with children and couldn't find a thing. We are doing a smaller dose than the adult version. Here's the clincher.....It has to be taken by mouth. Apriso is a capsule with teeny tiny balls of time release goodness. It has to be giving by mouth so that it releases in the intestines and not the stomach. So last night Caleigh had her first dose mixed in with a tiny bit of sweet potato and fed to her by my finger. This was the first bite of food in the last 3 weeks. If I feed her with my finger she doesn't retch or gag. If there is a spoon involved it doesn't work out. So I've gotten two doses in without problems. Apriso is usually given long term to heal the damage. I've read that most feel better within the first week of taking it though. We are looking at 6 months or more of this med to fully heal the colitis. Praying this works.

We had labs drawn awhile back. Some for GI and some for Endo. Caleigh's zinc was low this time so we are having to add a supplement for that as well. We already give a vitamin D supplement and when we go to endo next week, we will get the results of her D level. She seems to be having the typical Short Bowel Syndrome mineral and nutrient malabsorption.

It was an eventful GI appointment to say the least. Never a dull moment. Never status quo.


The House.

I'm pretty sure I wrote "So the next time I update the world about Caleigh it will be from our new home. I can't wait....."

Well, that didn't happen. We sold our home yesterday and we are now in a waiting pattern for the closing of our new home. So in a way we are 'homeless' but we don't have to be out until Tuesday at midnight. There's about a 2% chance that we will close extremely late this Friday afternoon. Most likely we will close on Monday. We had gobs of people lined up to help us move tomorrow. Looks like it won't happen. Everyone has to go back to work on Monday so our help diminishes dramatically. Everything is packed and ready to go. So hopefully it won't be too hard. There is also a slight chance that the owner of the new home will let us move everything into the garage tomorrow before we close, but I'm not sure that will go through either. Everything depends on what happens today. So we sit here twiddling our thumbs.

FYI, I'm a control freak {Thanks Mom}. Controlling, or at least trying my hardest to control things is what I do. This is definitely not kosher with my thought process. I'm not as bad as I used to be in this department. Caleigh spiced that up for me. Old Holly would be having panic attacks and breathing problems at this point. New Holly just shrugs her shoulders and takes it in stride, sorta. Hmmm.....I think I just typed in third person....scary.

I'll try to update again or Twitter {yes, I'm trying that again} about the house situation throughout the weekend.

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