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Christmas with Caleigh

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I had a wonderful birthday on Christmas Eve. My wish of staying home and hanging out with my family became a reality with a little bonus snow storm. I'm not a huge fan of snow or cold, but it was nice to watch from the comfort of the heated indoors. The news said that it had only snowed 6 times on x-mas eve in the last 111 years. We got about 3 inches. I know I hadn't seen anything like that.
The wind was blowing the snow like crazy and there was mention of a blizzard. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a blizzard and my northern friends can probably attest to that, but in North Texas when it snows everyone gets excited...very excited.
On Christmas Eve, I started thinking about the traditions that I grew up with and how I wanted to start our own Christmas traditions with Caleigh. I did come up with a few things. One being milk and cookies for Santa and the other was reading Twas the Night Before Christmas.
We also watched The Elf {my fav} and A Christmas Story. We also read a childrens version of Jesus' birth. Those are pretty basic Christmas Eve situations. I probably should have started thinking about a week earlier. I think that was a good start though. Hopefully next year we won't be scared to take Caleigh to Christmas Eve services because I would like to add that to our tradition too.

The next morning we got the added bonus of waking up to a White Christmas. Which was honestly fun and such a wonderful memory for Caleigh and our first Christmas in our new house.
Caleigh woke up at 6am which is about an hour and a half earlier than usual. We started opening presents. Caleigh seemed interested, but not really understanding with the whole process.
xmasmorning8 xmasmorning4
She's only 2 and just like last year we probably got more joy out of it than she did. The wrapping paper was a big hit which is a pretty normal response. I do think she is definitely more aware of Christmas though.
We finished up with presents. Made some coffee for Daddy and tea for Mommy and then proceeded to get all bundled up to head outside.
Since we live in North Texas and really only see snow once or twice a year we generally don't go out and buy the latest snow bunny fashions. So you will have to enjoy our thrown together winter looks that mostly involve pajamas.
Caleigh didn't really like the cold at 7:30am so in most of these pictures she looks pretty disgusted with the situation, but Eric and I had fun for the 10 minutes we were outside.
We waited around until about noon to head out to the grandparent's house. The bridges were all pretty icy and there were tons of cars wrecked and broken down from the the snow storm and ice. So Eric drove really slow and we arrived safely.
Unfortunately, Caleigh refused to take a nap all day so she was pretty cranky. We pretty much held her the rest of the afternoon. I also didn't take the camera out of my bag to catch more present opening. Between Mimi & Pop and Grammi & Grandpa, Caleigh hit the toy land jackpot. Good thing we got a bigger house.....we'll really need it now!

So that about sums up Christmas with Caleigh 2009.

Merry Christmas. We hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed day. I know we did!
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