Made of Gray

Home Sweet Home

Holly D Gray5 Comments

With a lot of help by family and friends we are now all moved into our new home. There's stuff everywhere. Boxes Everywhere. There is no way I can park in the garage. But you know what?

I don't care.

We have the Christmas tree up (with Mimi's help) and we are IN our home before Christmas. There will be months and years to unpack, paint, decorate and organize. No worries.

I love the house. I'm excited about the house. But it doesn't quite feel like home yet. I'm missing the feeling of our old home and everything we put into it. Currently, I feel like I'm squatting at my grandparents house. {Photos are coming..... Wait till you see the wallpaper!} I'm on the 3rd day and already feeling a little bit more comfortable here. I'm sure after awhile it will feel like our home.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped us get settled in. We couldn't have done it without you....
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