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CrawlAbout Crawler

Holly D Gray3 Comments
I've been meaning to post this video for a long time. Actually this is from November of this year. Our old house. With the old floor.

After we bought the red tummy scooter, I knew we needed this crawler. I tried to borrow one from everybody possible. A try before you buy scenario. After a few months with no luck I went looking for funding. I found it with our local DARS (Department of Assistive & Rehabilitative Services) group. At $500 bucks we were really glad that the funding was there.

You can read more about the CrawlAbout Crawler here.

Caleigh does amazingly well in the crawler. It helps her move on her own. She has great hand and leg sequencing. We have to remind her with prompts, but she knows what to do. She gets excited and her tone takes over. She also likes to do what we call the superman. This is where she gets so excited both arms and legs hover in the air. It's pretty cute. We try to put her in the crawler twice a day.

This is a long video, but you really get to see how well she does in it. Enjoy!

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