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Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow

Holly D Gray5 Comments
This morning it snowed big fluffy flakes of goodness. This came out of left field for me. I didn't know it was supposed to snow and honestly the weather people around here usually get it all wrong. Who knew? Snow in North Texas without ice? This totally goes along with the whole El Nino thing. Oh well, as pretty as it might have been I still don't like the cold.

We here at the Gray household have been staying busy with all things House related. I think my hair is turning more grey by the minute. Today we had the inspection on our house and I am patiently {pacing the floors} waiting for the results. Closing date is still scheduled for next Wed. the 9th. We have until Sunday the 13th at midnight to move. So somewhere between the 9th and the 12th we need to close on our new home. We are still waiting on the roof details for our home to be. Most of everything is packed and now I just twiddle my thumbs waiting on all the details to evolve. I can't sleep. I toss and turn. Covers on, covers off, socks on, socks off, check on Caleigh, check email, toss, turn..... It's getting ridiculous. 7 days, 7days...

Caleigh still isn't doing great either which adds to the stress. Her belly is large and distended and this morning she started stooling again. I turned off feeds, gave Imodium and started pedialyte. The usual cocktail to keep her hydrated and alert. Tomorrow is the last day for the Xifaxin antibiotic. So we may have to start something else to get rid of the bacterial overgrowth. She was doing better for 3 or 4 days and then everything went down hill again. We haven't given Caleigh any 'real' food in over a week and her skin is amazingly clear. Her face isn't rashy at all. Could it be that Caleigh can't handle real food? Eric reminded me that there could be worse things. Remember that little thing called a central line and TPN? I need to remember that more often.
This morning Kendall was nice enough to let Caleigh come over and play while the house inspection was going on. I love the look on the girl's faces. Can't you just see the dialogue there?
They are getting SO big. It's great to see the girls grow up together....
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