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As I type this it is 5:30am. Eric was up getting ready for work and I just couldn't go back to sleep. There's just TO much going on in my head! So I decided to do a quick update for everyone.
Caleigh's doing better than last week. We started Flagyl on Wednesday and it is helping. Her diarrhea has slowed down and her belly is getting smaller by the day. I'm hoping we don't get any of the yeast issues that usually appear after a round of Flagyl. She still isn't 100% but she is tolerating more activity and therapies than last week. I've noticed that her eyes have become more crossed since she hasn't been feeling well. They were pretty straight before the chicken incident. We still aren't giving any foods by button or by mouth. Caleigh will take her sippy cup with water in it. She doesn't get much, but actually tries to bring it to her mouth. I'm extremely happy that she is still liking that. I'm hoping Caleigh stays well during the whole moving process. She is up to 18 1/2 hours of continuous feeds at this point. We have a follow up GI appointment on Thursday.

The House. All is good to go with us closing and selling our house tomorrow morning. Once closing is final on our house the paperwork for the new house can be finished up and we are hoping to close on it at least by Friday. With the big move date being Saturday. I'm hoping that all works out. Best laid plans......etc. Eric, Caleigh, KoKo and I took a break from packing yesterday and drove up to the new house. The new roof is done and it was fun to peek in all the windows and 'picture' how things will be and where things will go. Our house is full of boxes and we are just about finished packing all that we can. We finished up the kitchen last night and that was the last BIG thing to pack up. While Caleigh was napping on Sunday, we unloaded the attic and started piling things in the garage. I found stuff that I forgot we had which is kinda fun, but there wasn't much time for nostalgia. Maybe I can squeeze that in with the unpacking?
We've never moved with a child before so things should be interesting. In the almost 9 years of marriage, Eric and I have moved 7 or 8 times {I've lost count}. I'm the type to pack months ahead of time and then the moment we are in the new place everything must be set up immediately. I would stay up all hours of the night unpacking, cleaning and arranging until everything was perfect. I'm pretty sure those days are long gone. My priorities have SO changed. Taking care of Caleigh is #1 now. Sleep is #2. So instead of the 48 hour unpackathon. It will probably take me weeks and I don't care. I love doing that kind of stuff.

So the next time I update the world about Caleigh it will be from our new home. I can't wait.....

p.s. Check back in a few days for the intro to a new project I've been working on
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