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The Chair

Holly D Gray7 Comments

On the 27th of January Caleigh received her very first Wheelchair or Adaptive Stroller, which ever you prefer. I find myself calling it her wheelchair and I'm ok with that. Eric and I were very excited to finally get it. We ordered it about 5 months ago. It went back and forth through insurance and Caleigh's Medicaid and finally got approval.
A wheelchair is supposed to be an emotional thing, but overall it's just another chair. After waiting and waiting for the darn thing to come in I've already gone through the emotions of it. I'm over it and ready to explore and go, go, go!
Caleigh sits up wonderfully in it. She is supported. We are playing around with the tilt of the seat and trying out the different chest harnesses that it came with. We are also waiting on a piece that will make the tray easier to adjust.

Look out comes Caleigh!

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