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Hanging out in the ER

Holly D Gray6 Comments
Last night we decided to go ahead and take Caleigh into the ER. We got here about 10pm and they took us right back. This is a good thing because RSV had a major outbreak last week and the wait time in the ER was over 6 hours long. We are still in the ER, but we have our own little room. The hospital is full so now we wait on a room.

They got Caleigh's IV and blood work on the first try and she's been getting fluid since 11pm. We stopped her pedialyte at that time too, but that hasn't stopped her stooling. The weird spot on her stomach is still there. We went and did an x-ray and nothing showed up abnormal. We'll wait on surgery and GI to come see us. We had the option of taking Caleigh home after lots of fluid, but we decided to stay. She hasn't eaten in one week and there is just too much going on to ignore it.

We got a few cat naps during the night but not much. I'm hoping we can get to a room and get some rest soon. I'll update more when I know more.
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