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Hospital Night #2

Holly D Gray5 Comments
We finally made it to a room about 12:30 this afternoon after 14 hours in the ER. Caleigh still doesn't feel well. She's clingy and fussy, but I would be too if I hadn't eaten in a week and my belly was the size of Buddha.

Our GI came by and we talked plans. They will draw labs again in the morning. Tomorrow morning we will be going down for an upper GI contrast study with a small bowel follow through. On Friday morning Caleigh may have another scope depending on what the contrast study reveals.

The weird red mark on Caleigh's tummy has turned a darker shade of grey/blue and our GI thinks it's a hernia. We will see our surgeon tomorrow to get his opinion too. The area looks a lot better since we stopped Caleigh's feeds. The distention has gone down too.

Caleigh doesn't have blood in her stool as of this evening. The reason being that she hasn't had anything to eat so the irritation has calmed down. The problem is that even though we stopped feeds and pedialyte she continues to stool almost every hour.

Unfortunately, Caleigh hasn't had anything substantial to eat in a week. So it was decided that she needs TPN. They are giving it through a peripheral IV for now and we are watching her arm closely. TPN is very hard on the veins so this won't be our solution to the problem, but it will buy us time for the tests over the next 2 days. Most likely Caleigh will have to have another central line placed, but at this point I don't even want to think about that. November 7, 2008 was the last time Caleigh had TPN running and December 30, 2008 was the day we had her central line removed. I'm completely overwhelmed with the thought of it being back in our lives.

I have to admit that I got a very sick and nauseous feeling when they hung that yellow and white bag and then hooked it up to my little girl. The last year has been amazing without it. I don't know if I can live with TPN again.

Today there was talk of another STEP procedure. There was talk of a partial obstruction. Surgery. Until we do the tests we don't know, but all the "what if's" paired with total exhaustion is enough to send anyone over the edge.

Please send out some prayers that this is just some regular bacterial overgrowth mixed in with colitis and Caleigh just needed some gut rest. We want to make it home TPN and surgery free.
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