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Narrowly Diverted

Holly D Gray3 Comments
The past few days have been full of bloody stool. A LOT of bloody stool. At one point I was sure I was about to take the leap and head to the hospital, but Caleigh fell back asleep (3am) and her blood pressure & heart rate got a tiny bit better.

By the morning her hydration was ok and she actually had a wet diaper. As soon as the stooling started I turned off her feeds, gave Imodium and started pedialyte. It's funny that Caleigh can not tolerate a bolus of formula, but pedialyte she can. I gave 3 boluses of 250ml over three hours. It's just bizarre that she can't handle more than 70ml an hour of Elecare. I know Elecare is thicker but it's just weird to me. After the boluses she was feeling better, but still stooling like crazy.

She has the typical coffee ground stool. It's dark blood which means it's not an active bleed. Colitis and Bacterial Overgrowth again. It seems that once a month to every two months Caleigh goes through this cycle again.

We already had a GI appointment, so what was supposed to be an appointment bragging about the success of the last month turned into a "guess what's wrong with Caleigh" appointment. We decided to completely drop the the Nexium that we had been weaning her off of. She was only getting it once every three days at this point anyways. We also decided to do another round of antibiotics for bacterial overgrowth as well as starting a different (VSL#3) probiotic for rotation purposes.

As of this morning Caleigh is on half strength formula. 50ml an hour for 24 hours. She is still stooling a lot (3-4 times an hour) but it has slowed down since it started a few days ago. It has turned a lighter shade and the dark blood has passed. She already seems to be feel better with the changes.

A few things could have caused this episode but I guess we will never know.

We have been going up on her volume by 5ml every two weeks. Two days before this episode we went up to 80ml an hour. This leaves her stomach off of feeds longer during the day which in theory could make the bacterial sit and brew longer. (I secretly think this is the reason)

We have been weaning off of the Nexium. Acid reducers cause bacterial overgrowth. While weaning I'm sure her stomach acid is all messed up causing the colitis to act up.

I really don't want it to be this, but the Slippery Elm Bark might be backing things up enough to let the bacteria sit in the intestines too long. Caleigh has been on the SLB for a month now.

So far so good though. Back to square one again. We managed to keep her hydrated and out of the hospital this time around. It seems to be getting a little easier to control from home each time.

Off to change another diaper!
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