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Nephrology with a touch of Endocrinology

Holly D Gray1 Comment
Yesterday, Eric and I took Caleigh to the Nephrologist (Kidney doc) and Endocrinologist (Diabetic, Metabolic doc). We also went to Neurology, but that needs it's own post in and of itself. So look for it next.
Our appointment with Nephrology was at 10 and Endo was at 11:30. They are in the same office and somehow we made it out of both and in the car by 11:30. Awhile back the hospital sent us a survey about our experiences at Nephrology. I basically let them have it. I even attached a page on the back so that I could write in more. The big problem was the wait. The last time we were there we waited an hour and a half just to get back to a room and then another half hour to see the nurse practitioner, not even the doctor. So maybe they read my survey, maybe other parents complained because we were in and out in no time.

Nephrology is in charge of Caleigh's blood pressure medicine and watching her kidneys. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with her kidneys through ultrasounds and they still don't have a clue as to why Caleigh actually has high blood pressure. I've been very very slack about taking her blood pressure since we moved. I had a dry erase board at the old house that I posted the numbers to, but it was stuck to Caleigh's door and it wasn't coming off. I didn't get a chance to write down the numbers before we left. So we basically went to the appointment yesterday with one or two readings. Bad Parents. Tisk Tisk.

The thing is this, with Caleigh's movement it's impossible to get a good reading if she isn't asleep. If she is awake and moving we get higher than 140/80's (bad) or the machine just errors out. So we either put the blood pressure cuff on her before bed/nap or we sneak in, put it on and pray we don't wake her up in the process. She's such a lite sleeper. We give the blood pressure med at bedtime and then take her pressure at 10pm. Then we try again at nap time during the day.

We saw the nurse practitioner again and she wanted to double Caleigh's dose of medicine. Basically give it to her every 12 hours instead of once a day. I think her blood pressures are fine during the day, but had no proof to show, so we agreed and went on to our Endo appointment.
Trying to chew on her hand....those 2 yr molars are horrible!

Endo was fast, quick and painless. Caleigh's hormone levels are within the normal range and her Vitamin D level was great this time around. One of her testosterone levels was slightly elevated and it was decided that it may be causing her body odor. Nothing to worry about and nothing to do to fix it either. Our Endo doctor decided that she didn't need to see Caleigh anymore unless something arises and that GI can manage the Vitamin D levels from their perspective. So another doctor is knocked off the list. Whoo-hoooo!

We dropped off the new blood pressure med prescription and headed home. I laid Caleigh down for a nap and then managed to get her blood pressure without waking her. It was 99/52 which is perfect for what they want right now. So at 12:30 in the afternoon her BP was normal. I plan on taking and keeping a log of all her pressures diligently for the next week and then calling them in to see what they say. I just don't want her on extra meds if she doesn't need it, but at the same time I don't want her to have high BP and end up with more heart damage. Caleigh's last echo (April '09) on her heart showed signs of hypertrophy, or enlargement, which is caused by her high BP. We have another echo scheduled for April to see how it looks. It's a situation that could get serious if not treated correctly. So I am vowing to do better at charting and taking her blood pressures.

While Caleigh was napping Eric and I worked on painting Caleigh's play room. I think we are in the home stretch with finishing it up.

After Caleigh got up, we got ready and headed back to the hospital for our Neurology appointment which will have to be continued at a later time.........
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