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A New Line it is

Holly D Gray3 Comments
So yesterday at 1 we unhooked Caleigh's TPN. Everything looked fine. We gave her a bath and changed her dressing. Everything looked fine. We hooked up her TPN at 5pm. Everything looked fine. At 6pm she started to cry while on the floor. I picked her up and started to look at her line. There was a huge knot on her chest. We stopped her TPN, grabbed a couple of bags and headed to the hospital.

We only spent 8 hours in the ER this time around.

They took us down to run contrast through her line just to see what was going on. Everyone in the room kept talking about how they never do this at night and how they weren't used to it. Eric and I were freaking out about cleanliness and sterile practices. They all had a deer in the headlights look. They actually asked us to leave the room while they did it, but we told them no. Good thing because the nurse really had no clue. Eric ended up stepping in and doing everything. The radiologist took the syringe of contrast and pushed it himself. I don't think he was happy with the nurse.

The contrast study showed that the line was out of the heart and had backed up the vein. So we went back to our cubby hole in the ER and preceded to get a peripheral IV going so that Caleigh could get fluids. They got it on the first try.

We made it to a room by 2am. Eric and I did another dressing change, gave Caleigh her meds and then we all got tucked in for sleep around 3am.

This morning Caleigh got up about 9:30. So she actually got some pretty good sleep. We had to keep telling the people that do vitals to go away, but other than that things were quiet. Right after she woke up we got ready to go down to get another line placed.

It's 11am and Eric and I are sitting in the waiting room while Caleigh is back in surgery. They really don't know what happened with the line. The thought is that Caleigh's neck movements are ratcheting the line out little by little. That's the only thing they can come up with because it was really tied in there. It wasn't pulled on so who knows?

From what we understand if everything goes well we might be going home today. That would be perfect if it worked out that way. Maybe.
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