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Friday, I took Caleigh to her pulmonology (lung doctor) appointment on the coldest day in 12 years. I think the temp was 18 when we left the house. We bundled up and headed out. It's been a crazy winter so far.

The appointment was at 10am and we didn't get in to see the doctor until 11:30. They were really busy which is odd. I was looking forward to that appointment because we are usually in and out. Not this time.

You know the longer the wait in the crowded room the longer the stares get and the more questions other parents start asking. "How old is she?" "Look at that curly hair! Where does she get that from?" I decided to jump out there with number 2 from my 2010 To Do List. It wasn't that big of a stretch for me though. I was in my comfort zone.

I was sitting there preaching to the choir.

It was "bring your medically fragile child to the pulmonologist day." One kid had a trach, he was maybe 9-10 months old. Using a suction machine constantly. Another kid was a teenage product of being a 1 pound preemie. Quite the miracle actually. Another had a genetic mutation and a trach. We talked about nursing care. I explained Caleigh's reflux coughing. The other parents shared as well. It was nice, but I will say that I'm not ready to mark #2 off the list yet. That would just be too easy!
When we got back to see the doctor he listened to Caleigh's lungs and said that they sounded wonderful. He commented on just how far she had come and how amazing she was doing. We decided to go ahead and get the H1N1 shot while we were there. Caleigh didn't even cry. She acted a little stunned and then heard her music that I was playing and began to smile again. We had postponed the shot because Caleigh's colitis was acting up and she was on antibiotics at the time our pediatrician called us ready to give it out. Since Caleigh is feeling better we went with it. The doc decided that Caleigh is still at risk as far as her lungs go due to her prematurity but at a relatively moderate risk at this point. We haven't had to use a nebulizer with albuterol since 2008. I looked at her checkout sheet and the level of the visit said minimal. One more step in the right direction for Caleigh. He wants to see us once a year right before flu season and that's it.

While we were at the doctor, Eric and his dad stayed at the house painting on Caleigh's room. Nope we aren't done with it. I would say we are a little more than half way though. It's the project that continues on, but it doesn't really bother me because we have the room to function without it. It's a nice feeling.

Monday brings on 3 appointments. 3 doctors appointments. I scheduled it and now I am dreading it. Wish us luck!
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