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Thursday Surgery

Holly D Gray6 Comments
It's 1:32pm and Caleigh is under anesthesia and getting ready for surgery. Eric and I are in the waiting room. A room I had hoped not to see again.

We went and did the contrast study this morning and it really didn't show much. The contrast made it through within 30 minutes. Normally on an empty belly it is about an hour and a half for regular kids. There were many large loops of dilated bowel and that's something that isn't abnormal for Caleigh.

Between our surgeon and GI doc they decided that Caleigh needs a permanent central line. So right now they are placing a new central line and then they will do a scope from the top and a scope from the bottom to see if anything has changed. They will also do biopsies at that time.

There is still more talk about re-stepping Caleigh's bowel, but it is something that our surgeon is not taking lightly. He doesn't want to jump just yet.

The TPN will give us time to decide what is best for Caleigh's bowel.

Along with TPN and a CVL comes all the things that we never wanted to think of again. Blood infections, hospitalizations, weekly blood draws, mixing the large bags of TPN every night, liver function and the all too familiar yellow kid, flushing the line, becoming the sterile procedure parents and not caring who we piss off in the process, dressing changes and the fear of getting the line wet.

I'm going to try to take a different approach this time around. Life as we know it isn't over. We are still working on my 2010 To Do List and this will not hinder that. We will have a life. Caleigh will have a life.

I'll update more tonight hopefully we will have more of a plan by then.
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