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Caleigh got better with my last post but quickly turned a corner again. During the early morning hours of Saturday I had to stop feeds again and start up the pedialyte boluses. She was extremely dehydrated from the diarrhea and her poor bottom was all broken down. The liquid stool just wouldn't stop and once again I was wondering if I should take her in.

I gave her imodium and tylenol and she fell asleep in between diaper changes. We spent the morning on the couch with the curtains closed. Eric was working overtime and my mom came over with supplies to keep us afloat. By that evening Caleigh seemed better and we actually got some sleep last night. I went to bed as soon as she did at 7:30 and we only got up once around 2am.

This morning she didn't feel great, but the stooling had slowed down. As I was changing her diaper I noticed a red circle type mark on her belly. I thought maybe she slept on something funny and decided to watch it. About an hour later I gave her a bath and the mark still wasn't gone.

We went to the GI docs office to pick up samples of a new antibiotic that we are starting tonight. Apparently it's hard to get insurance to approve it so we just went to get samples so we could start it up sooner rather than later. Our GI wasn't there but we had his nurse check out the spot. She called the GI and he just told us to watch it. It's 6pm and it's still there. It runs across her scar and it's pretty large. I don't know what to think of it, but it's worrisome. Maybe a hernia, maybe a perforation. She's not running fever, but she will not let us put her on her belly. Caleigh's in a good mood, somethings wrong. We'll just watch it, but I'm not sure how long I can do that.

So things aren't great. Hopefully this new antibiotic will help some. At least she is tolerating pedialyte and she's staying very well hydrated. We need to be able to feed Caleigh though and right now she just isn't having it.

I'll try to update more tomorrow. I've also changed up the comments section. All comments will have to be approved by me before they go up. I guess this blog has been around long enough that the spammers have found it. There's been a lot of trash in the last week or so and even on really old posts. So to keep it clean I've switched up the process a bit.
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