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The other day we were driving to a therapy appointment. It had been rainy and dreary + cold for days and I had been feeling generally down about things.

We were stopped at a red light when I saw a bumper sticker that said:

"Put on your big girl panties and deal with it"

I swear that sticker was sent for me to see. What an awesome anthem. Stop whining. Quit crying. Suck it up.

Ironically, I've felt a lot more cheerful since that day.

After a quick Google search I found out that the saying is the title of a self help book. Go figure.


On to the AFO's....

About a week after we moved into the new house, our orthotic and prosthetic lady came out to cast Caleigh's feet for her first pair of AFO's (ankle foot orthosis).
It was a pretty uneventful scene. Caleigh wiggled a lot and we were told that she was going to be a challenge. Ha! If they only knew!
Yesterday, they were delivered and I really like them. Is that a weird reaction? I was actually pretty excited about the delivery. I think they are cute and they definitely hold her feet in place. While in a standing position Caleigh has better posture with them too.
It's hard to get her feet in them. Especially with all her dystonic movements, but it seems to be getting easier with each placement. They added a "shoe" type sole to the bottom so that we don't have to put actual shoes over the braces. I'm pretty sure that is the most ingenious idea to date! So instead of going oversized shoe shopping....depressing. We jumped right in with the wearing schedule.
Caleigh cried the very first time that the lady put them on. Other than that one time she doesn't seem to mind at all. They also put a bridge thing in the heel so that Caleigh's foot won't slip up. So far it's worked every time except once and that was operator (me) error.
{For those wondering...Caleigh's new chair is a Kimba Spring Base with a Leckey Squiggles seat}

The AFO's are mainly to keep Caleigh's feet flat and to help stretch the tendons and muscles in the proper direction. When in a standing position she tends to go up on her toes which is a common CP thing. Her left foot more so than her right. Another bonus to the AFO's is that they will hold down Caleigh's striatal toes.

From what I'm told, kids Caleigh's age outgrow these things fast. So I'm sure that this pair are just the first in a long line of fancy kicks for Caleigh.
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