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Day 10 A Clean House

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Secretly cleaning makes me feel better. I love the feeling of a clean house and even a clean car. When I am stressed, my therapy of sorts is cleaning.

Before I had Caleigh, I would set a day usually when Eric was working and I would clean for 6-7 hours. Majorly clean. Music blaring and pajama wearing. I would get done, take a shower, shave my legs and slip into my fresh clean bed sheets. It was the absolute best feeling in the world.

These days I'm lucky to get one room cleaned up per day and that's usually due to some messy disaster. For instance our kitchen got a good cleaning a few weeks ago when I went to shake Caleigh's bottle of Elecare that I had just removed the lid from. Needless to say I was cleaning that sticky mess up for hours.

So when I went home today I didn't have a lot of energy to be super cleaning, pre-Caleigh, Holly. Somewhere though, I found a tiny bit in me.

I cleaned our house for about 4 hours. It's shiny clean. I actually went home to do some laundry and get a few things ready before bringing Caleigh home, but as soon as I walked in the door I knew I needed to clean more than that. I wiped down all the light switches, door knobs and basically everything that we touch. Even though the yeast was inside Caleigh's body, I still felt like we needed to make sure we started back off right.

When I was done it felt nice. Usually when we get home from the hospital things are a mess and I spend days trying to clean and organize everything. The laundry is almost done. The kitchen doesn't have a dish sitting out and the carpet is freshly vacuumed. It will be lovely to walk in and not have to worry about anything.

Caleigh had another good day. Plans were made with home health about her going home and when they needed to deliver all of her meds and TPN. It's always a fiasco and I don't see tomorrow as being any different, but at least we are going home.
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