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Day 5 - Valentine

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Last night Eric went home to get some sleep. We are trying to fall into the routine of hospital life and we've found the best way to "survive" a hospital stay is to go home and get away for awhile. It's hard to leave Caleigh, but we trust each other enough to know things will be ok. So we take turns every other night going home.

It was my night to stay at the hospital and Caleigh went to sleep fine in our new room. About 2:30am she woke up. I changed her diaper and then she began to vomit green bile. Funny thing is she still has a working Fundoplacation. Hmmm... We hooked her back up to a decompression tube for the rest of the night and dark green bile flowed out.

Caleigh's fever also spiked at the same time. It was around 102F. So we gave her Tylenol and the fever went down. She didn't feel well and you could definitely tell. After blood draws at 4:30am she fell back asleep for a little while. Mostly she was up and down fussy though.

When Eric came back up to the hospital Caleigh had another fever and we gave her Tylenol again. I'm worried about all the Tylenol and Caleigh's slightly elevated liver numbers, but we can't risk another seizure like before.

Our GI came to see Caleigh and decided that with the return of the fever and vomiting that Caleigh's central line needed to be pulled today. Anesthesia was called and Caleigh went down to have a peripheral IV placed. Praise the Lord they got it on the first try. Now the plan is to do peripheral IV TPN (half strength TPN) for 3-4 days as long as the site stays good. Then with negative cultures they will place a new central line.

Our surgeon came by a few hours later and pulled Caleigh's central line. Her chest is now bare once again with a small hole where the line was. As soon as he pulled it out you could see "yeast like stuff" around the cuff. He told us that it looks like it was a tunnel infection and with those they always have to pull the line. Caleigh immediately fell asleep and slept in my lap for about 2 and a half hours. When she woke up her eyes were mostly open like normal and she seemed to feel better. We gave her a bath and put on her valentine pj's and she stayed awake for about 4 hours seemingly happy, but still very sick.

Infectious Disease came by and we talked about Caleigh's white blood count. It went from 1.6 to 4.5 and that's a good jump meaning that it is getting better. Caleigh's yeast cultures are still coming back positive. With the line now gone we can expect to see her septic symptoms improve over the next 24-48 hours.

Tonight is my turn to be at home. I mainly came home to sleep and shower, but also to do laundry. Caleigh threw up all over her beloved sock monkey and she just can't be at the hospital without that monkey. So tonight I scrubbed and scrubbed the poor thing and it is now taking it's own shower. Hopefully the green bile will come out ok.

Tonight we are praying that Caleigh feels better soon, that her fever goes away again and that her IV stays the whole 3-4 days that they need to get rid of this infection.

Thank you to everyone that has offered to help in anyway. We miss being at home. I really miss it. Living day in and day out in a tiny room shared by all who want to walk through the doors is tough. It's extremely comforting to have visitors, but we ask that if you have been sick, or around anyone that is, you wait to visit until Caleigh's white counts pick back up to normal. We are looking at another week at the hospital between getting rid of the infection and placing a new line.

Tomorrow being Monday should be busy. I've got to make lots of calls to cancel all of the weeks appointments and at some point get up the strength to sit down and pay bills. Life goes on whether you want it to or not. It must go on.

Hope everyone had a good V-Day. G'night.
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