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Day 7 - Negative Cultures

Holly D Gray4 Comments
Today we found out that the cultures they took 24 hours ago did not grow any yeast. Caleigh is on the mend and she is scheduled to have a brand new shiny central line placed on Thursday. We are looking at going home maybe this weekend, but probably on Monday if all goes well.

Caleigh had her first stool since starting this whole ordeal a week ago. We did a cute little dance like the old days and then moved on.
Today was a better day at the hospital. Caleigh felt better smiling a lot today and that made things easier. She still cried every time she heard a strange voice but it was better than yesterday.

We talked to our doctor about our concerns. We talked to the charge nurse and we talked to the labs supervisor as well. We also found out that our hospital is doing away with alcohol pads and swabs and is switching to chlorahexidine pads. This should make life interesting with Caleigh being allergic to them. We'll see how it goes from here on out. I honestly don't have super high hopes about our little "talks" but I'm willing to try. I'm all about questioning what they are doing with a smile on my face and I'm pretty sure I'm not yet too exhausted to back down. I still have my A game when it comes to my girl. Hopefully that won't change anytime soon.
Caleigh's IV stayed put today. She did develop some swelling around 1pm and some really bad bruising, but we re-taped the IV area and the swelling went down. We've also switched to 24 hour TPN so that the rate of infusion is slower on her veins. We are also not doing lipids right now. There were a few hours of questioning the line but we decided to keep it and hold out. It's about 10pm and so far so good.

Caleigh has been fever free since Sunday night. Her white counts came back up to normal today. Her neitrophil count is still off which is why she stayed in isolation precautions yet another day. The infectious disease doctor changed Caleigh's anti-fungal medicine now that the cultures are negative. We have about 3 more weeks of IV treatment that we will be transferring home when the time comes.
The doom and gloom neurologist came by to check on things. He was again a bit condescending and threatening, but did say that Caleigh had defeated the odds for so long that we'll let her continue doing so. That's nice of him...

Thank you for all of your comments. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one out there with my feelings. Hospital stays are hard on the soul. Especially when it has really nothing to do with you. I sit and watch on standby mode. I'm a controller and a planner and there is nothing about a hospital that goes along with my plans. Sometimes it takes a really hard day to realize that no matter how much I think I am in control of things....I'm not.
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