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Day 8 Status Quo

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I went home and slept last night and honestly didn't get much rest so I've been a little cranky today (sorry honey). It's Eric's night tonight and I hope he does a better job of sleeping than I did.

Today was very hum drum for us. We did the hurry up and wait scenario. We sat around. Waited on doctors. Talked to a few and then waited some more.

We made it outside the room once for a walk around the floor. It was nice to get out of the room. The tiny room.

Our tiny room hasn't had any heat or air since we arrived, but it's been so cold outside that we really didn't notice. Until about 2pm today when it was ridiculously hot. So we put in a request on the hospital's new TV system and someone called us 1 minute later. They were up in 5 minutes and it was decided that we needed to move rooms. The move actually took place about 8 o'clock tonight. And boy did we luck out! Double room all to ourselves with a working air conditioner!

Caleigh's blood count is back to normal. Her cultures are still negative. She is scheduled to go to surgery at 8am in the morning to have her new central line placed. I'm thrilled to get it over with, but bummed that I will have to start getting on to everyone for their line practices. GLOVES! Anyone heard of those things? I plan on talking with the charge nurse first thing in the morning about what we expect.

The infectious disease doctor wants to watch Caleigh for another day and then we are scheduled to go home on Saturday. I can hardly wait.

The past couple of days Eric has been telling me that he thought he saw a mom of a Gastro-Short Bowel kid that we were in the NICU with. Apparently they were a few beds down from us for a couple of months. Apparently we talked a lot. I honestly have vague recollections of this. Well today she saw Eric in the hall and asked if he was Caleigh's dad. Yep, it was her. She's much younger than Eric and I and they live about 3 hours away from here. Her little girl is here for the same thing. Yeast in her line. Although they can't pull her line to make the yeast go away because she is completely out of access. There is nowhere else to put a central line. It's all been used from one infection after another. Basically, her next and only step is intestinal transplant. I really don't remember them all that well from our NICU days. I know they need our prayers. Transplant is a scary word.

The year that Caleigh had off of TPN has saved her veins although it doesn't really seem like it. Things could be much worse. God willing Caleigh will be off of TPN again one day.

Two little girls that started out about the same time with the same birth defect can have completely different outcomes. One with a brain injury and One with an impending transplant. It's mind boggling the way life works.
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