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Day 9 A New Line

Holly D Gray4 Comments
Bright and early this morning I talked to the charge nurse about our procedure concerns.

I then got Caleigh up around 6:45 and got her ready for surgery. They came and took us down to induction at 7:30. We didn't leave Caleigh's side until about 8:30. Every time Caleigh goes under anesthesia it seems that going over her history takes longer and longer.

Initially we had talked to our surgeon about doing a double lumen catheter. This would be more access if and when Caleigh has to have surgery. It also means more of a chance to get infected. Eric and I talked this morning and we had decided to let our surgeon know that we really didn't want one. Our surgeon came in and said that he had an epiphany during the night and that he doesn't think Caleigh needs one right now. If she has surgery then he will replace the single lumen she has with a double. So glad we are on the same page.

So off she went and 30 minutes later he was out of the OR telling us that everything went great. I asked about potential spots to place central lines and Caleigh is still very very far away from running out of access. He said that they get pretty creative with placement once things get sparse.

Thirty minutes later Caleigh was out of recovery and up in our room. Her central line is longer and bigger than her previous ones. Caleigh's veins are getting bigger and they can handle a larger catheter. This will make using the vest that we got Caleigh a lot easier. The hospital has another vest on its way for us too.

When we got back to our room and got settled in the nurse manager came by to talk to me. Lucky for her I had made a list of things the night before. She was very nice and almost too shocked that Eric and I do all of Caleigh's cares at home. She said that Caleigh's card-x (cliff notes of Caleigh's care) didn't really show that we were capable of doing any of Caleigh's stuff. She jotted down notes and made a new card-x with all of our requests. We didn't ask for anything crazy or unreasonable and I verified a lot of the hospital's policies with her. Caleigh will have a primary nursing team now. Turns out Eric and I will be drawing Caleigh's labs while in-patient and that's ok as long as a nurse is present. We do this sterile and it takes both of us to keep it that way. The hospital's policy isn't sterile. So I pretty much insisted. With kids that are chronic like Caleigh I think it is important for everyone to be on the same page. I'm glad we talked with her and I hope that this means future hospital stays are more pleasant. I can only hope. I really need to remind myself that I should just ask for the nurse manager the moment we walk in the door. It really does make life easier. I told the nurse manager that we are not questioning their nursing abilities or education, but what we are doing for Caleigh works and why should we change that and chance a problem?

So with labs due at 4am, Eric and I both are at the hospital tonight. Well take turns going home during the day tomorrow. Then the plan is still to send Caleigh home on Saturday.
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