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Guess What Caleigh Got?

Holly D Gray10 Comments
at the hospital.....


Yep, that's right, someone decided to share their lovely virus with our girl. Monday Caleigh woke up coughing. Tuesday the cough was happening a little bit more. Today she had a bark like cough in her sleep before she woke. I called and got an appointment with our Pedi for 10am. By noon we were out of there with a positive RSV swab, and a prescription for breathing treatments every 4 hours.
Caleigh's oxygen saturation is perfect right now. Her nose is running like a faucet. It's raw and red from all the blowing, suctioning and wiping. I've been putting aquapher on it like crazy. She won't let me set her down. Her arms are tight and tucked up by her sides. No fever. Just sick.

Other than a few runny noses and 2 ear infections Caleigh hasn't ever had a cold or virus that we know of. She's relatively "healthy" with all the normal kid stuff. It's weird to see her with this virus. She's acting like any other kiddo would probably act. I guess I'm just used to the adrenaline routine anytime something is off. So this is different for me.

Because of Caleigh's prematurity RSV isn't something to take lightly. Her lungs have been through enough. We'll be watching her round the clock. Doing the breathing treatments every 4 hours and checking for wheezing.

I called Eric at work to tell him and I just started laughing. Of course she has RSV....why not? The start of this year has been pretty crazy. We're tired, exhausted and we always seem to be waiting for what's next around that corner. February is all ready a wash...maybe March will look better?
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