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How many days?

Holly D Gray2 Comments
Day 5 for Caleigh
Day 3 for Holly
Day 2 for Eric

It's exactly one week since we came home from the hospital. Caleigh is feeling better. She's on the down hill slide. Her little button nose is bloody inside. Still dripping like a faucet. I've given up on wiping or making her blow it constantly. It's just so dry in there.

Wait a minute....I've never posted that. Caleigh can blow her nose. Hold tissue, cloth, or wipe to nose and just ask her "Caleigh blow your nose" and guess happens! I'm so proud of her :-) She's been able to do that for a few months now.

Our Pedi told me that days 4&5 are the worst. Depending on where you look the contagious time period varies. The CDC says that RSV is contagious from 3-8 days, but those with weak immune systems can be contagious up to 4 weeks. No one considers Caleigh's immune system weak, so that's a plus. None of us have made that 8 day mark and as long as we are all snotty and coughing I think we should lay low.

My version of this mess is just a really bad head cold. Eric's version is milder so far. Morning and nights are worse for all of us. I sound bad, really bad actually, but I got quite a bit done today. To much really. I'm paying for it now. I'm pretty sure that you can achieve anything while all hopped up on cold & cough medicine though. That stuff is golden.

Caleigh and I did make it outside today for a good dose of vitamin D. We took a long walk around the neighborhood. It's been weeks since we were able to do that. I can't wait until winter/respiratory season is over. We need the sun. Tomorrow is supposed to be just as nice of a today. So we will definitely do it all again.

I'm off to watch some more Olympics, drink hot tea, and take a very hot shower before crashing in bed.
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