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ICU Day 3

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I came home tonight to sleep. Eric is at the hospital with Caleigh. I have laundry to tend to and a much needed shower on my agenda before crashing in my bed.

We had quite the busy day today. Caleigh's fever broke about 11pm last night and she slept well without any meds.

This morning she was up and semi acting like herself. She would smile at her music or us talking to her but she wouldn't open her eyes. The whole day she really hasn't opened her eyes.

We dropped the oxygen and foley catheter this morning and I think getting rid of those upped Caleigh's spirits.

During rounds everyone was ready to send Caleigh to a regular floor. The only issue from their stand point is Caleigh's blood counts. Specifically her white count is at 1 and normal is around 7-8. This means that her immune system is really compromised while she fighting this infection. This means she could very easily get something else. So for right now she is on neutropenic precautions.

Then the infectious disease doctor came by. There was a spot on Caleigh's EEG that worried him and the fact that she wasn't opening her eyes also put up red flags. He is worried that she has meningitis. Not viral and not bacterial. Yeast meningitis.

So today we did a heart echo looking for yeast attaching itself to her ventricles. We did a CT scan of her brain looking for definite signs of yeast. They will be doing an abdominal scan to look at her liver to see if the yeast is there and also her spleen. And yes, a lumber puncture to check her spinal fluid cultures.

We have a consult put in for our eye doctor to come by and check out Caleigh's eyes too.

It's been a long day. Basically if she has meningitis not much changes other than the length of the treatment. Just the same, we are praying for no meningitis.

Cultures today were still growing candida yeast. She still has her central line...for now.

Overall Caleigh has been in a better mood today. We were able to give her a bath, change her dressing, watch Toy Story and listen to a lot of music. I'm hoping she has a good night with her daddy.

I got to see the remainder of snow today and it's pretty amazing. Eric had to dig out our drive way this morning when he came home. It's pretty, but cold and I don't like the cold.

I'm off to clean something or sleep. Probably sleep.
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