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ICU Day 4

Holly D Gray5 Comments
No Meningitis. That's the word we got late this morning. We were very relieved. The yeast had not colonized itself anywhere else in Caleigh's body. All of her scans came back ok. The day was calm without a hand full of procedures. It was nice.

The "spot" on the EEG was a concern to several of the doctors that came by so they put in a consult for Neuro. The Neuro on call came by this afternoon and we talked about the "spot" which wasn't really anything except abnormal electrical firing in the brain. Caleigh's brain is abnormal. Always will be. This is what every EEG shows. Good news is that she didn't have any seizures during the 30 minute EEG. He said the seizure wasn't febrile. The infectious disease and GI doctor said it was. I find it ironic that she was have cold chills, she was due for more tylenol and had a high temp the minute she started seizing. Maybe the reason it lasted for an hour is more than just the fever, but what do I know? The doctor gave an ultimatum. Get back on Keppra daily or have emergency seizure meds at home in case it happens again. We went with emergency meds. If she has another seizure she will have to be back on the meds daily. He almost sounded condesending like "I'll be seeing you back here soon" but he obliged our request and went on his way. Caleigh definitly has a low threshold for seizures, but I want to give her every chance we can off the meds. It's been a year and 9 months since her last seizure. If it happens again, we'll just cross that bridge if we get there. He also thinks the reason she is keeping her eyes closed is because of the seizure. Her brain is still recovering from the hour long ordeal and so are her eyes. Although today she did have them open more and more. He just said to make sure she keeps progressing in that area.

Infectious Disease came by and they are still concerned about Caleigh's white counts being so low. They ordered more labs in the morning to see if the numbers are coming back up. Caleigh remains on serious germ cautions. So far we have gotten back 4 days worth of positive cultures from Caleigh's line. All candida yeast. So her line will have to be pulled. It will most likely happen tomorrow or the next day.

Today was better overall. Caleigh was awake more but only for an hour or two at a time. She slept in between with me holding her. Right now she is asleep in her own crib in our own room! We just made it up here about 10pm. They will be waking us up with various things needing to be done all night long, but I am so incredibly thrilled that we are out of the noisy and bright PICU. Prayers answered for sure.
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