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ICU - Sepsis

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The day started out normal. OT at 9. Caleigh even showed off a bit.

By 11am she had a fever. We started packing and making calls. By 12:30 her fever was up to 103.3. We gave her tylenol and finished packing bags. Fever and a central line is NO GOOD. I called our GI doc and he suggested waiting it out at home by getting our home health nurse to draw cultures. Cultures take at least 24 hours to come back anyways and the ER would just send us home to wait after drawing the labs. Caleigh was acting fairly normal so we went on to our surgery appointment at 1:30.

We had our surgeon check out her ears and he listened to her. Everything looked fine. Maybe just a virus. We discussed the possibilities of surgery. I'll have to wait until later to go into that.

We left the surgeons office around 2:30 and went down the street to our home health company. We were going to pick up supplies, a week's worth of TPN and they drew the cultures there in their office.

During and right before the blood draw Caleigh had started acting more febrile. She was shaking a bit with chills. We finished the labs. Eric picked Caleigh up. I asked him if she was shaking more. I could see her shaking. He sat her back down on the bed and we both saw it at the same time. She was seizing. Her color quickly turned blue gray. Her breathing was all over the place. Eric told the nurse to go get ice packs. I went across the hall and had the receptionist call an ambulance. Then everyone started coming into our tiny little room. Ice packs came and Eric started putting them all over her. Nurses started piling in the room one by one saying "I'm a nurse" as they came in. Eric replied with "I'm a paramedic." They brought an oxygen tank in and a pulse ox. Caleigh's O2 level was at 60 when they first hooked it up. The oxygen helped bring her up to the low 90's. The ambulance came we switched her over to all of their equipment and answered questioned. They gave her two doses of Versed and the seizure continued. They loaded her up in the ambulance and Eric went with her. I drove the van the 4 blocks to the hospital right behind them. Once we got in the ER Caleigh was still seizing. They gave her two large doses of Ativan, a dose of Phenobarb and a dose of Felbatol. After one hour of having a Febrile Grand Mal or Tonic Clonic Seizure it finally stopped. Caleigh's body still trembled with the fever but the seizure had stopped.

After awhile in the trauma room they moved us to a smaller room in the ER and Caleigh slept comfortably as long as she wasn't touched. If touched or moved she would started trembling very hard and her respiratory rate would go over 100. She was hurting. The general thought was that Caleigh had a line infection causing sepsis, but the cultures take 24 hours so everyone was just guessing. This was my thought from this morning when I took her temp. I knew something was wrong and desperately wanted it to be something else. RSV came back negative and her urine and blood counts came back normal.

Initially they had a room on the floor for us, but quickly changed their mind when the doctor in the ER touched Caleigh to check her out. She started her trembling and breathing problems and we expressed our concerns. So by 11pm we were transferred up to the PICU. Moving Caleigh from one bed to another totally threw her into a breathing spell and her respirations and perfusion were really worrying the ICU doc (which we love by the way & he remembers Caleigh). She was cold all over. He talked of intubating her because of the sepsis and breathing difficulties. He also had dopamine on hand just in case her perfusion didn't get better. He waited though. Thank God he waited. Caleigh calmed down and after starting three different antibiotics she "woke up" from her med induced sleep and became giggly and started smiling a lot. Her fever was still around 102 all night and I'm pretty sure she was feeling loopy from the meds and fever. After staying up with her all night with her smiling and trying to pull off all her leads, I'm exhausted. I did climb into bed with her and I think we got about 2 hours of sleep from 6-8 this morning. Caleigh's breathing is still very fast around 70-100. She's still on oxygen. She has a catheter so that they can track her urine output. Her blood pressures are better. Her heart rate has come down and right now she is sleeping.

We are still waiting on cultures, but she is definitely septic. They should be back this afternoon. The possibility of pulling Caleigh's central line is there. We'll just have to wait and see. I'm hoping that's not the case.

The hospital is terrible and full. RSV and FLU is everywhere and there are signs asking people not to visit if you don't have to, especially children. I hope we don't get sick from sharing the same bathrooms and doors as the other parents. There are people coughing everywhere. It would be a miracle to leave without something.

Prayers for a quick healing, no more fever, no more seizures and not having to pull her central line are requested. Prayers that we don't pick up any little buggies during our little stay too.

I hear there is a large (for Texas) snow storm going on outside. Apparently it is really pretty, but we don't have any windows in the pod we are in. Maybe I'll get out later today to take a look. Hope everyone stays safe and enjoys their snow day.

UPDATE: Just got word that her line is growing yeast. We will have to change antibiotics and go from there.
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