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The Listening Program

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As you can see, I've re-designed the blog...again. Coming from taking and working on hundreds of photos a day I tend to miss it every now and then. Ok, a lot. The blog is really my way of channeling that forgotten art. This blog is not only a journal and emotional outlet, but it also reflects how I am feeling through it's design.

The plain white background and clean lines is just a way of me wanting more simplicity in my life. Clutter be-gone. Brown and white is pretty close to black and white and you can't get more simple than that.

So there it is....until I change my mind again.


Three weeks ago we started The Listening Program with Caleigh.
Two weeks ago we fell off the wagon while in the hospital. One week ago I forgot to start it on Monday, so we were off schedule again.

Yesterday, we started the program for the third time. By we, I mean Caleigh and I. I'm also trying to do the listening. Our OT is the one that recommended the program for Caleigh (and I). There's a lot of technical information as to how it works, but in a nut shell it calms, relaxes and organizes the central nervous system.
Caleigh sits SO still. Check out that spaced out look! You can really tell she is listening and paying attention. Every now and then she will smile and on track number 7 she broke down with a pout and almost cried.

There are 10 CDs and Caleigh has her own special schedule. 15 minutes in the morning, which is three tracks, and 15 minutes in the evening. 5 days a week with the weekends off. We make the room entirely quiet and calm and I usually hold her to help keep the head phones on. Each CD focuses on a different part of the brain.

So far Caleigh is a lot more vocal with her sounds after listening to the program.

Our OT tells us that The Listening Program started with people fighting cancer and going through chemo or radiation. They would listen to the program while receiving their treatment. The studies that they did showed a much faster recovery and less treatment than predicted. It eventaully transitioned to those with other needs.

With me doing the program too, I can attest to the fact that it is super relaxing. It's basically classical music with nature sounds, but the HD quality is just amazing and nothing I've ever heard before.

This program is wonderful for anyone that wants something that they can do at home for their child (or themselves or a friend or a family member). For less than $500 with headphones and player, this program is fairly affordable in the land of super expensive special needs therapy. It's something you can use repeatedly too. You can't just buy it off the street. You will have to go through a trained provider and there is a list on their website.

If your kid loves music as much as Caleigh does it's basically a shoe in! I'm really excited about the possibilities so look for future updates on Caleigh and the Program.
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