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A little bit better

Holly D Gray4 Comments

Caleigh's feeling a little bit better today. She's not coughing as much and she's had more energy. Last night she slept ok for all the times I had to wake her. Breathing treatments are going well. The first few caused her to retch and vomit what she could. Darn oral aversion. We've done them every 4 hours since getting home yesterday and she seems to be getting used to it now. Her music must be on and loud during each one though. She's doing good with this whole thing and I am so very thankful for that. Our pedi called and checked on her last night. She had also talked to our Pulmonologist. Today they called to check on her again.

Sadly, Caleigh has shared her little RSV bug with me. I feel terrible. My throat hurts, head hurts and I can't sleep. Caleigh took a 3 hour nap this afternoon and I laid on the couch staring at the ceiling, computer, phone and the olympics (not all at once). I've always heard that Moms aren't aloud to be sick. It's true. Sick daughters only want their mommies. Eric's been wonderful with all my whining. He helps with so much. Such a good daddy. I'm hoping that today was my bad day and that tomorrow I will feel better.

In the above picture Caleigh is playing with my new favorite toy for her. It's the Leap Frog Word Whammer. It comes with magnetic letters that fit into an airplane. Caleigh can pull the letters out of each spot. Can we say awesome! Fine Motor Skill Heaven! She does even better when we hold it up straight in front of her. We've even caught her using her pointer finger to 'pick' the letter off of the plane. Caleigh will even go in a row. Not jumping ahead to a different letter until she has achieved pulling the first one off. She doesn't get frustrated with it. She just keeps trying until she gets it. It's amazing to watch her determination. I've taken this lead and have started making a communication board with magnets. It's turned into a fancy project. Look for an update on that soon.

In between sickness this week, we had a nursing agency come out to set up nursing hours for Caleigh. I've decided to try it out. Just three days a week for right now. I'm not sure when it will start. We have another person coming out tomorrow as well. Lots of paperwork and accessing. I can always drop it if we just hate having a nurse in the house, but we need a break. I'm willing to try. I need to not feel guilty about doing dishes or laundry and having to leave Caleigh playing on the floor by herself. I need to not feel guilty that I want a shower instead of working on crawling or whatever. My guilt has been a little overwhelming especially since we've moved into the new house. The last two months has reaffirmed my curiosities about home nursing. We'll see how it goes.

I'm off to bed now. Hopefully I can sleep. Hopefully tomorrow everyone in our house will feel much better.

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