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Bunny Eyes

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This past weekend we took Caleigh to the annual Beeping Easter Egg Hunt. Our local division for Blind Services puts it on every year. We went last year and this year was better, but WAY too windy. The wind was blowing 30-40 miles an hour. That makes for a miserable Caleigh.
In usual Caleigh form she was hunkered down in our shoulder with her eyes closed. So sensitive to the sun light. The Easter Bunny was back too. All in all we had a good time.
This event marks the one year anniversary of meeting The Briggs Crew. We are so glad that we got to meet them. I can't imagine the last year without someone that understands us so well. We just love their family to pieces!


So today we went to the new eye doctor for a second opinion. He was a nice man and did a very thorough exam. Basically, he said that Caleigh is slightly near sighted but she would need to have an eye exam under anesthesia to get a correct reading. Caleigh wiggles too much to get anything exact. If we get her glasses the prescription would be an approximate guess at this point. From what he can tell she only has a small near sightedness so Caleigh's world isn't dramatically restricted right now considering her development. Again, we go back to the cortical vision impairment as the cause of her vision problems.
As far as her strabismus or eye crossing goes; he wants us to patch her good eye which is the left for two hours a day. Hopefully we will see some improvement with patching. She is using her left eye to see more than her right. Right now Caleigh's right eye isn't always turning in and until it is a consistent distance inward surgery isn't an option.

He referred us to a Retina Foundation that could possibly do more real life testing to tell us what Caleigh is actually seeing. I'll have to look into this more because I'm not sure if Caleigh meets the criteria.

This was a good appointment. I think the outcome is the same as our first minus the patching, but with the doctor explaining himself much better.

Tomorrow we're off to the GI doc and then we will be done with doctor appointments for the week.
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