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Chalking it Up

Holly D Gray8 Comments
So Caleigh's room is closing in on being done. We've almost finished the bathroom in the playroom. We just need to add a few shelves, throw up some photos and whola it will be done.

But I've found something exciting.....

I'm obsessed and very intrigued...

So here's the side of our hand-me-down refrigerator. Circa 1981 and it still blows cold baby. What a champ. I particularly like the creamy ivory color with black plastic panels on the front. arguhmm......
What did I find? Chalkboard Paint!
It was extremely easy to apply. Very thick. I didn't even blink an eye, but maybe the age of the fridge made it an easy choice.
After the paint dries your supposed to "prime" it with a good coat of chalk.
After that your good to go. To Do lists. Supply Lists. Caleigh's Magnets. Doodles. Anything else fun you can think of.

I'm loving it. I want to paint everything with this stuff!

Currently, I have a date with a large piece of sheet metal and a fresh can of chalkboard paint. I can't wait to see what happens.....
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