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How the first day went

Holly D Gray7 Comments
Today went well. The nurse arrived around 11am. She was supposed to come at 9, but the company was waiting on blood pressure perimeters from our nephrologist. Turns out our nephrologist had been sick and out of the office because he had given his KIDNEY to his wife! Ok, we might let him get by....this time. For those that don't know...a nephrologist is a kidney doctor. Irony at its best.
Turns out the nurse that came out today has taken care of a 4 year old, for the last year, very similar to Caleigh in many ways, but at the same time completely opposite. Because of that family, this nurse is very open to alternative treatments and options. Some of which we are doing and some of which we have tried. Others, well.. there just isn't enough money to go around to do everything out there. Her openness is exciting to me. Although I do feel like she was constantly comparing Caleigh to her other little girl. I would tell her something about Caleigh and she would say "oh, so and so did this or has that." Eventually, I expressed the differences, but I'm pretty sure I will get annoyed with the all around tally marks. So far that's my only complaint.
When she arrived I noticed she was an older woman. I'm terrible with guessing age, but I was concerned about her being able to carry Caleigh and being on the floor with her all day. She didn't seem to mind though. She plopped right down on the floor and played with Caleigh most of the afternoon.

Today was our day to do labs. Eric and I draw our own labs at home. The home health nurse is there to pick it up. Eric was at work today so I had the new nurse assist me with the lab draw. It was a bit confusing because she doesn't know how we do things, but it went well. I did all of Caleigh's line care. She did change Caleigh's diaper and helped me with the IV pole around the house.
Caleigh had one specific temper tantrum and I was able to talk her out of it instead of scooping her up. Which is rare. This is the tantrum she likes to show off when she wants me and not the person she is with. Other than that one time, as long as she could see me, she was ok with the nurse playing with and talking to her.

I'm feeling better by the minute. The z-pac that my doc gave me really helped. I think Caleigh and I are only a few days away from feeling all better. Tomorrow well start up her therapies again. Eric on the other hand is just hitting day 5. I think he might have an infection too so he'll probably be heading to the doctor tomorrow.

So the first day with a nurse went a lot better than I expected. She might not of turned out to be Glinda the Good Witch...but who is? Thursday the company is sending out another nurse for us to meet. I have a positive outlook on this. I need to have a positive approach to make this work. So, pooofff...bad thoughts be gone!
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