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Nursing Update

Holly D Gray2 Comments
My lack of updating is completely related to our nursing adventures of last week.

On Tuesday the first nurse came. I wrote a post about it. On Thursday, another nurse came to meet us. She stayed for 2 hours and I quickly went over things with her. She seems very nice. Maybe a little too meek, but I would be totally overwhelmed with everything I told her.

On Friday, the first nurse came back. By the end of the 8 hour shift I had decided that she wasn't "the one." She wasn't even really close. There were a number of things that annoyed me and I won't bore everyone with them, but I'm sure that she won't work out. She actually told me that I exhausted her because I Go, Go, Go. I have a 2 year old. Special needs or not, isn't that what moms of 2 year olds do?

By Friday afternoon my head was spinning. The whole week my brain was flying 90 miles and hour. I wasn't sleeping well. I was looking into other avenues for getting help. I was even looking up housekeepers. I was thinking that I'm just not cut out for this whole nursing thing. After talking to several friends and family members I've decided to give it a good trial period. One week and one nurse isn't enough to decide. I must calm down and let it flow. Of course easier said than done.

Today the nurse that we met on Thursday is coming for a full shift. We have 2 appointments out of the house and Eric is at work. At least we will be busy and not staring at each other all day! We'll see how it goes. Positive thoughts for a good day.

Caleigh is doing well. Her feeds are up to 12ml an hour. She off of her TPN from 2-6 everyday and that gives us time to go for a walk or do other things a little more freely. We went to our GI last week. He tweaked a few things here and there, but mainly everything is steady right now.

We're almost done with Caleigh's play room. I'll post pictures soon. It's taken us over 3 months so at this rate we should be done remodeling our house in about 5 years! That's ok, I like having something to work on.

Everyone should go back and read through the comments to my post about A Nurse. There's lots of good information from actual nurses and parents and quite the controversy regarding "why they chose home nursing." Thanks to everyone that contributed and if you have anything to add please do!

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