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We're Back

Holly D Gray2 Comments
I'm back from my weekish long blogging hiatus. I figured I better write something quick before people start showing up at my door! I basically turned off the computer and walked away earlier this week. I feel recharged. Sometimes the constant reading about kiddos like Caleigh and researching the next best thing becomes too much. I've been working on photography stuff in my spare time. I've been perfecting the art of little girl pig tails. I've also been doing some personal art. It makes me feel like me again when I have art in my life. Plus, the weather has been so wonderful we've been outside whenever we can.
Caleigh hasn't slept well since the time changed.....two weeks ago. Sleepy. Sleep. It has gotten better the last few nights and I'm hoping that she continues to sleep well. It makes the days so much easier on everyone.
As you can see in the pictures, Caleigh got a loaner Pony Gait Trainer. It's basically a fancy pants special needs walker.
We are still working on adjustments with the height, but Caleigh seems to like it. She will hold her head backwards {see below} looking around and then pull her upper body back into position. This works her core trunk muscles that are weak. I don't see a problem with it since she can bring her body back up. You can see the muscles working when she does it. We don't let her head hang back for long and a quick reminder to "hold your head up" usually does the trick.
Caleigh has a bunch going on so I will post a couple of small entries in the next few days with updates. So check back often!
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