Made of Gray


Holly D Gray3 Comments
Throughout the weekend Caleigh's low grade fevers persisted on. She had no other symptoms and felt fine. All cultures came back negative. We've decided that the drainage from her central line is just the area trying to heal. It never gets any air so it will take much longer for it to heal up. Caleigh's last fever was Monday afternoon. Something viral, but were are very happy that Caleigh was able to fight whatever it was off so well.
Wednesday we had PT and our orthotics lady came out to check on Caleigh's AFOs. Caleigh's feet have really grown since she started standing more. They widened the base a bit and extended the length what they could. We'll probably get another 3-4 months out of these and then we'll have to cast for a new pair.
This morning Caleigh woke up with a barking cough & snotty nose. Seriously, it's been an exhausting really. We did a breathing treatment, used suction on her sweat little nose and I made an appointment with our Pedi. Turns out Caleigh's current allergy med just isn't cutting it right now. I don't doubt it either. There is a layer of yellow/green on everything. The pollen is terrible right now. So our doc prescribed an antihistamine and decongestant for her to take until the drainage slows down. So no need for breathing treatments or antibiotics. Just a little pollen therapy.

I'm in the process of switching home health companies, switching respite carriers and interviewing helpers. All of which have way too much paperwork & time involved. Just a little something to keep us busy......

Tomorrow the Dynavox rep is coming out to show us their communication devices. After being cooped up in the house for 4 days waiting out the fever, I've decided to get out of the house tomorrow for a much needed mani/pedi session. I will be thinking of nothing while my tootsies are being pampered.
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