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Bedroom Makeover

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Eric and I recently bought Caleigh a new twin size mattress. For about the last 4 months or so, Caleigh has been waking up throughout the night with a blood curdling scream. I would run into her room to find her legs sticking through the crib rails or better yet, to find her wiggled all the way to the head of the bed with no where else to go. Our baby girl is just getting too big.
The current crib does turn into a toddler bed, but that doesn't change the length or width so we would be in the same predicament.

I'm pretty sure I researched the best long term solution for 3 months, and finally, I think, we came up with a great plan. There are companies that make 'medical' type of beds. Most look like cages from the zoo and they most likely would have been paid for through insurance. There are regular beds, but we had to think about railing and the risk of Caleigh falling out of the bed. In the end, we decided to piece together the perfect ensemble ourselves.

Last weekend when Caleigh had her fever, Eric and I decided to paint Caleigh's room. After all, she felt fine, and all we were doing was waiting on the call to head back to the hospital. Why just sit around and wait? With the help of Mimi & Pop....and Caleigh, we got it all done. The color is tailored linen. It's a light yellow. I think I was expecting a little bit darker of a yellow tone but it turned out really pretty.
So the room was painted. Caleigh wasn't in the hospital. When her fever broke on Tuesday we headed to Ikea to make the bed purchase. Caleigh did wonderful with all the shopping. We got there when they opened and there really wasn't anyone around. It was perfect. We bought the bed and headed home to do Caleigh's labs.
Later that afternoon, we added a new ceiling fan, since I totally broke the old one, and then added new safety outlets. Then we started putting together the bed. We've bought dressers and other small things from Ikea before, but you've really never had a good time until you've put a whole bed together! Hours of enjoyment. Geesh, there was pieces everywhere....
At one point there was an incident with a main piece. A hole straight through. It was ruined. Eric called, took the piece, drove the 45 minutes back to Ikea and returned with the new part. By that time Caleigh was asleep. We stayed up until midnight finishing the bed.

The next morning we put the mattress in, moved the other furniture into her room and set things up.
Caleigh took her first nap in her new bed and did wonderfully. We had ordered the bed railing from One Step Ahead awhile back. It's the longest rail I could find. The solid three sides to the daybed are perfect and the bottom drawers are very handy for holding all the medical stuff that I don't want to stare at everyday.
I haven't put anything on the walls yet. There just hasn't been time. Caleigh is sleeping well in the new bed. Although we are still up at least 2-5 times for diaper changes. The first night I just sat in the rocking chair and watched her sleep. The crib is gone. Our little baby is growing up so fast. It was a bittersweet moment for me.
I wake up to Caleigh sideways in the bed almost every morning now. No more screaming because she gets stuck. The sheets are harder to change on the new bed. It's lower to the ground than the crib was and obviously bigger. We use lots of underpads to catch the inevitable, massive, nightly leaks. So far it hasn't helped and so far I've been doing laundry everyday. We'll have to come up with a new system and get used to the new set-up before things start to run smoothly again.

I really am happy with our choices. I think this big girl bed will last Caleigh a really long time.
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