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Caleigh's Communication Part 1

Holly D Gray3 Comments

don't forget, you can click on the video to open it larger in YouTube

Back in January I took pictures of things Caleigh loves and does on a regular basis. From toys to diapers there's a picture of it. I made them 2.5 x 2.5 in size. I laminated them. I put a piece of foam board on the back and then on top of that I put a strip of magnet. I found a nice to go magnet board and wholla.... communication board.

Turns out it was just a fancy customized choice board. To work on fine motor skills we would ask Caleigh to not only touch which choice she wanted but she has to pull the picture off of the board. She got the idea instantly, but she had already achieved cause and effect previously.

Caleigh will do this with me all day. One after another if I had her too. She enjoys making choices. Since starting this process, Caleigh has started crossing mid-line to make her choice and has started playing with her hands, or holding her fingers together. She has never been able to do this. Her precision has become more accurate as well.

Positioning is a problem for Caleigh. Her dystonic movements can be very wild while she is trying hard to make a choice. She is quite strong too. You can see in the first video how she moves the board that I am holding while trying to get the tea pot. So getting the board to stay in place is a challenge right now. Caleigh's chair helps position her, but we really don't have her in it enough throughout the day. Perhaps we should?

Last fall, I got in touch with our local representative at the Prentke Romich Company . Caleigh is past cause and effect and she is past making choices. She needs language. She needs a voice. She needs more than a scary button that belts out mom's voice for one choice.

So this past Friday, the rep came out with a large bag full of goodies.....
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